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Clipper Push Reel Lawn Mowers

Product Review (submitted on June 3, 2020):
The “Reel” Deal

I have been using the Fiskars Stay sharp Max for the last 4 years, I believed it worked great for a while until the last few years where I have been experiencing poor cut quality, jamming up during mowing and rusting in spots. It was getting to hard to mow my lawn, I decided to try and find a better product. Unfortunately if you google reel mower you get the usual suspects, some brands even made by the same company and all made somewhere else besides the USA. I finally stumbled across the Clipper USA mower and though initially stunned at the much higher the price point I was intrigued, unfortunately I had a hard time finding too many reviews about this mower, I decided to give Paul a call at Cottage Craft Works where he answered my questions and made me feel a bit more comfortable about making the purchase. I decided to upgrade the tires to the larger 9 5/8” and went with the 21” reel mower version. 2 days later this beast of a mower arrived at my home in NJ, after a little time putting it together and making all the necessary adjustments I was ready to give it a try. Wow! Is all I can say, the Clipper USA was so much easier to use than my Fiskars ever was, I was able to cut my lawn in less that half the time, the cut quality was something I have never experienced either with the Fiskars, the reel blades on the Clipper USA are razor sharp, when they describe this mower as the Cadillac of reel mowers, they ain’t lying. Solid, sharp, easy to use and all built in the USA make this reel mower stand in a realm all on its own. I’m convinced this is the last reel mower I will ever own. If your on the fence about making this purchase, just go for it, it truly is everything they claim it to be and way more.

Peter C NJ