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Off Grid- Hand Crank Mixer - Food Processor

Product Review (submitted on September 9, 2013):
I recently ordered the Little Dutch Maid Off-Grid Hand Crank Mixer from Cottage Craftworks. First of all, I must say that their customer service is AMAZING. I honestly have never had a better experience buying anything online. It was like I had walked in to the store and was speaking to them in person. Prompt emails and even phone calls initiated by them to help me make my purchase and ship the product to me expeditiously. Thank you Paul and staff for everything.

As for the mixer.....YEAH. I love it. Why didn't I invest in it sooner. And to think I was whisking things by hand for up to 15 minutes with piano whisk before when it now only takes maybe 5 minutes of easy turning of the handle. The mixer seems to be built well. It's base is heavy so you don't have to worry about it flipping off the table or moving on you. So far I have only used the whip but I can say it whips beautifully.

I know this is an expensive item but it is well worth the investment. The Little Dutch Maid and Cottage Craftworks both get 5 stars from me!