Sewing Machine Air Lift Mechanism | Sewing Cabinet Hardware

Sewing Machine Air Lift Mechanism | Sewing Cabinet Hardware


Yes, we still have this sewing machine airlift, our Amish distributor has them in stock!

Popular sewing machine airlift used in our Amish custom sewing cabinets. This is the same German-made heavy-duty lift that will hold up to 50 lbs for the larger machines. Others were selling this lift for much more and can no longer get them from the original German distributor. This is the reason they are showing them out of stock.

Sewing machine airlift is widely being used in sewing cabinets made in Amish woodworking shops across the country. Our Amish hardware distributor orders them directly from the German manufacturer in large container quantities allowing us to have them available and offer them at such a great discount.

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The lift allows the sewing machine to be lowered into the cabinet when it’s not in use. Zinc plated roller frame does not chip and binds the rollers like the previously painted frames. 

Two positions at the top levels allow the machine sewing bed to come up level with the cabinet top, or to be lifted up to the tabletop height to use with add-on attachments such as embroidery heads. Over the years and selling 100s of these lifts we encountered two issues where customers who were retrofitting these lifts in old sewing cabinets reported having to use a finger to slightly pull up to assist the machine up to the top position. We could only determine that it had something to do with the installation.
Two fast taps pushing down just like bouncing a basketball close to the floor releases the lift. Adjustable set screws lockdown once the machine settings are determined. If you plan on using the lift for an additional machine simply add a block of wood the thickness needed to adjust between machines without having to readjust settings each time.
Quiet airlift mechanism uses no springs and is rated for machines up to 50 lbs. The lift will accommodate sewing machines up to 14 ¾” tall. Please note that some of the next generation quilter machines such as the newer Bernina 7 Series will require a longer travel lift with a capacity up to 60 lbs. This lift will not work on those machines so please verify your machine weight and height.
The only difference in this lift compared to the one others that were selling for so much more is that it does not have the flip over latch on the slide lock feature. The Amish people never really used this feature as the lift stays in position without it. It also required reaching in under the cabinet to lock and unlock so the Amish took them off. Some of the pictures of the lift installed in the cabinets show the old silver color hook latch that held the lever over in the locked position. This latch is no longer used on the newer lifts.
Maximum sewing machine height will be 19-1/4” at the tabletop position. (See spec sheet image) This will be the determining factor in the mounting and block placement in the construction of your cabinet. Remember to add the sewing machine base plate to the top of the lift when determining the mounting position. Most will use a ¾” thick plate the size of the machine base.
The lift will travel up to a maximum of 14-3/4”.  
Minimum size clearance hole at the top will be 12-1/2” W x 11-1/16” deep. Our Amish built cabinets have a hole cut around 1-1/2”- 2” larger than the machine base.  A top-notch is routed around the edge to flush a ¼” Plexiglas template that is cut inside to fit over the machine base at the flatbed position.
This template provides the opportunity to upgrade or use different machines and templates in the same cabinet without ever having to enlarge the hole.
Attaches with six #8 wood screws for installation. (Not Included)

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Easy Install, Flawless Operation
This product was easy to install in a new sewing table that I built. After installation, the mechanism operates flawlessly, and provides a sturdy and stable sewing base. Review by PatS / (Posted on 1/31/2019)

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