Silver Pro Push Reel Lawn Mowers

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Silver Pro Push Reel Lawn Mowers


05-24-21 Sorry, Out of stock until Sept-Oct 2021.

Silver Pro Reel Push Mowers are available in 18" or 21" wide. The USA Clipper grass catcher is an additional option.    

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These are easy-to-push mowers built with a solid handle, “zinc plated” steel roller brackets, and knobs.

Reel mowers are still popular for those who have a small yard and little space to store a gasoline mower and the gas can to fuel it. These mowers can be hung on a wall in a small storage unit or garage.

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Reel mowers are also still used in the Amish sustainable living communities where these reel mowers are built and sold for long-term use. Other reel mowers are on the market but do not hold up to the quality that these mowers provide for long-term ownership.

The Silver Pro series provides an economical hand push reel mower that is a perfect human-powered lawnmower for small to medium yards.

No gas or Electric required!

The Silver Pro is assembled in the USA using over 20 parts manufactured in the USA and imported parts manufactured overseas to stringent manufacturing specifications. 

Cutting widths in 18” and 21”. The price above reflects the 18” select the 21” size using the drop-down box. The additional size will incrementally add to the price of the 18”. 

The overall width of the mowers to outside of the tires, 18" size = 24" and the 21" size = 27". The 9-5/8 taller tire option may increase the overall width by 1-1/2".

Mowers come precisely sharpened, greased, and adjusted.

The Silver Pro features:

  • Heat-treated bed-knife and reel blades for lasting sharpness
  • Metal wheels with rubber tires
  • Heavy Duty Roller
  • Ultra-Fine, one-nut adjustment (one thumb nut on each side)
  • Hardened, grade 8 bed-knife bolts
  • Convenient kick bar for mowing tight corners
  • Powder Coated finish with weather-resistant decals
  • Fully Warranted against any defects

9” standard rubber tires, 9-5/8” tires available. The 9-5/8" tires provide a slightly higher cutting height. 

Cutting depth range 1/2" - 2 1/4" with 9" tires and 1" - 2 1/2" with 9-5/8" tires.

Note: The 21" should be considered more or less a fixed height mower. The 21" does not use the height adjustment levers as pictured on the 18". The adjustment on the 21" is made by removing the wheel covers and using a special spring clip tool to remove and reposition the wheels at just two height positions. The 10" tire option does also provides a taller cutting height.

The 18" mower is shipped with the wheel axles tightened down to secure the wheels in place. The axle nuts will need to be loosened just enough to free up the adjustment levers.

The 21" Clipper Reel Mower and the Mascot Mower both have the adjustment levers if you just need a 21" reel mower that can be adjusted frequently.

Add a USA-made Clipper grass catcher. One size fits both 18" and 21" mowers. Heavy-duty construction with rollers on the back to reduce wear. Select the grass catcher in the drop-down box.

Contact us for rates to ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and International destinations.

Which Reel Mower Is Best for Me?

We offer all three Amish-made reel mowers to provide our customers with greater selections, options, and price ranges. Too many selections sometimes create more confusion so let us break them down for a better understanding of the pricing differences.

All three different Amish reel more companies offer heavy-duty reel push mower models that are hands down much higher in quality than the average reel mowers being sold in hardware and home improvement stores.

The Clipper Reel Mower is the Cadillac-Mercedes of reel mowers.  It is all USA made by the Amish using USA made parts. The reel has riveted blades and bed-knife are higher quality US steel and are extra tempered for the longest cutting sharpness. The Bed-Knife and spiral reels were patterned from the vintage Scotts Silent mowers. It is also the most expensive of all reel mowers. Despite the price, it is also the most popular between the Amish and Non-Amish. Clipper is our best seller.

Mascot Silent Reel Mowers use all imported parts and are assembled overseas. It is strictly quality controlled by an Amish company that personally inspects, sharpens, and tunes each one before it ships to a customer. The Amish company developed it from the vintage Scotts Silent mowers. Many of the parts will interchange with the old Scott mowers. It is a popular mower with high satisfaction for the Amish and Non-Amish who are looking for long-term durability and performance. In fact, we had so many calls about why we didn’t carry the Mascot Mowers we figured we better check them out and were pleasantly surprised with what we found.  We categorize it as a Buick of reel mowers and is priced mid-range of the Amish reel mowers.

Silver Pro Reel Mower was developed by an Amish Company for a more budget-friendly option for Amish families. It uses a combination of imported parts and USA-made parts cousin to the Clipper mowers. It is fully assembled in the US, sharpened, and tuned by the Amish. By some accounts, it would be considered made in the USA since many of the parts are made in the US and it is fully assembled in the US. The reel was just recently improved as shown in the newer pictures to now include riveted spiral blades like the Clipper and Mascot. It also uses imported tempered steel blades. It still features steel wheels and solid rubber tires. We categorize the Silver Pro as the Chevy of reel mowers and it is priced accordingly. It is still much higher quality than other Non-Amish reel mowers.

Click Here to see all our Amish reel mower options.

A note on returns: Reel mowers are not for everyone as they will give you a good physical workout.

We do provide a 30-day return on our products. Realizing that no one has ever returned a reel mower and realizing if one was to be returned, to resell it to another customer, they will be expecting a discount for it being used and returned. Thus a 25% restocking fee would need to be discounted from any refunds for a return.

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