Small Game Skinning Device | Catfish Skinning hook

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Small Game Skinning Device | Catfish Skinning hook


Skinning catfish and a small wild game does not need to be a messy job! There is more than one way to skin a catfish. This unique wall, tree fence or post mounted skinning holder securely holds small game such as rabbit and squirrel and then has a catfish hook to use on catfish.

Whether you are skinning small game or a large channel cat keeping one end solid to pull against can be a challenge this little helper will save you a lot of time and frustration in processing your catch or hunt.
Pictured twice as the same device to show the different uses, only one device is shipped.
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This skinning station allows just one person to quickly secure the animal or fish, cut the skin just below the hold or fish head, and pull the skin downward for quick clean skin. 

These make a nice unusual gift for the avid sportsman or self-sufficient lifestyles who are dependent on routine wild game and fish for the family table.  
One device does both game and catfish.
Sorry, the squirrel or catfish are not included, as they just do not ship very well. 

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