Solar Oven Cookers

Solar Oven Cookers


Solar oven cookers, since 1994 this solar oven developer has been cooking, baking, and pasteurizing water for off-grid survival. Time tested and used in some of the most undeveloped parts of the World the Salavore Sport just may be the ultimate off-grid survival solar oven-cooker.

The Salavore Sport predecessor was originally developed and used widely in South Africa to provide aid in those areas that still use open fire cooking.

Think of it as a one-pot solar crock pot-oven requiring no flames produced by fossil fuels or electricity. Obtain crockpot cooking temperatures between 210°-260° F and even up to 300° F depending on sun availability and geographical location.

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Sure you can fiddle around with plans off the Internet using duct and aluminum foil but, when it comes to efficiency and quality factory-made parts engineered to pack easily for travel, to withstand windy days, combined with over 20+ years of testing, the compact Salavore Sport Solar Oven is just hard to beat.

Cost-effective: The Salavore Sport also provides the biggest bang for the buck over other semi-factory made solar cookers on the market. You simply get much more efficient and more ready to use accessories at much less the cost, plus free shipping!

Remote off-grid no flame use: Perfect for off-grid use and no-flame cooking in campgrounds and parks where an open fire has been prohibited due to drought conditions. Also great for watercraft and other remote uses where open flames could be dangerous. No packing of propane tanks or flammable fuels required either.

Ideal for water conservation:  Solar ovens require less water to cook than conventional cooking methods. This is very good for areas where potable water is difficult to come by. Water actually uses more energy in a solar cooker thus; no additional water is needed for meats vegetables of fruit.

You can also pasteurize small containers of water in the Salvore Sport. The unit ships with a reusable W.A.P.I reusable water pasteurization indicator. This is could be a key survival benefit when you’re faced with no safe potable water.

Time-saving: Solar slow cook ovens allow the cook in the family or group to participate and enjoy the day without having to slave over a hot campfire or worry about burning or scorching food. Simply add the food items and ingredients into the pot(s) and allow it to cook all day while you play or work and then enjoy a hot nutritious meal at the end of the day with easy cleanup.

Safe to use: Stable aerodynamical design prevents tip-over on windy days or from curious kids.

Compact for travel: The Salavore Sport measures 12 ¼” high at the back sloping 30° to 4 ½” on the front. The oven may also be used on the side to provide a 60° slope for winter sun cooking. The cooking area is then limited to 8” deep.

The overall length is 27 ¼” long and 17” wide. The cooking compartment is large enough to accommodate two 10” cookers in the standard position or two 8" cookers when used on the side if needed during low sun winter months. Solar ovens work the best using dark color cookware. Smaller cooking vessels work better than one large pot.

Weighing in at only 9 lbs the durable housing has an outer shell made of tough molded glass fiber reinforced resin poly. The housing is fully insulated to an R-value of 6.5. The inside features an easy to clean black powder-coated aluminum liner. The lid is made of a heavy molded clear polymer that allows the solar rays to penetrate and traps the heat on the inside of the cooking box. Special built-in clips keep the lid snug even on windy days.

As a rule of thumb, you should expect double to three times the average cooking time over conventional ovens. Using smaller chunks of food especially meat work best in a solar cooker. Use meat thermometers to test inside temperatures of roast, poultry, and other solid meats for safe consumption.

The Salavore Sport comes standard with:

  1. User guide with some great recipes from meats to cakes to get you started.
  2. Two 4 qt 3 lb capacity granite-ware roasters-cookers measuring 9 ¾” x 5 ¾” tall.
  3. Oven rated thermometer to monitor cooking temperatures.
  4. W.A.P.I reusable water pasteurization indicator to treat water for safe potable water.

Optional Reflectors

Optional reflectors clip on the lid to extend the cooking season in less than ideal solar conditions. The lid may be removed on and off with the reflectors attached.

The reflectors are great for early morning cooking, late afternoon cooking, cooking under partly cloudy skies, or cooking on a winter day. You will not need to use the reflectors when the sun is directly overhead. The base is so well insulated that the lid may actually warp if used in direct overhead sunny conditions. The base is very stable in windy conditions. If the reflectors are used on a very windy day they will need to be somewhat protected from the wind. Select the reflector option using the drop-down box.

Optional Travel Case

Solavore Stow-or-Go travel case set protects the cooker as well as the granite cookers. Select this option in either black or camo using the drop-down box.

Ships free inside the Continental USA. Hawaii and/or Alaska customers please select the $15 shipping surcharge using the drop-down boxes. International customers, please e-mail us with your country and postal code for a shipping quote. 

Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping.

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