Stainless Steel Popcorn Popper

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Stainless Steel Popcorn Popper


Old Fashioned Stove Top Hand Crank Popcorn Popper! The new improved direct drive system has no problematic gears!

The new Lindy's popper features 304 stainless-steel construction, with a great-fitting lid. A Sandwich bottom with aluminum core heats up quickly! 

Easy dumping. Works on induction stoves. Holds 6-quarts. Measures 8" High x 10" wide x 19" long including the handle. 

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Our personal experience with the popper like most we are frugal about what we purchase and over the years we have owned several cheaper stovetop poppers. Our first one was an aluminum model that always came apart at the top as we tried to pour the popcorn into a large bowl. Trying to keep the hot lid from falling against our arms was not the ideal experience.

Our experience with this popper has been amazing. This is something we should have done a long time ago.
The popper does take longer than the aluminum to heat and start popping, but when it does the popping continues for several seconds even after you take it off the stove burner. The aluminum core is sandwiched in the bottom under the 304 stainless pot so no aluminum is ever exposed or touches the food surface.
We like the fact that the new improved model has no shaft or gears. We found on our original it would accumulate heavy grease build up on the shaft and gears with frequent use.
We quickly noticed with the sandwich bottom the popcorn had a richer taste and there were very few duds at the bottom of the bowl. We used the same batch of popcorn that we were using in the aluminum popper but always ended up with a hand full of duds.
We even had to back off the number of kernels that we place into the popper. What we were placing in the aluminum popper just packed the popper so tight we had to use a spoon to loosen up the first batch.
Our lesson "Quality does provide Value". Better tasting popcorn using less corn providing fewer duds to crack a tooth on is something to consider in purchasing this popper over a cheaper model.
While we try to sell all American made products when we can find them, we do also provide a wide selection of products for a one-stop-shop. 
This product originally started as Lindy's popper and then was sold most recently under the Victorio brand. Some existing stock may still be labeled as such.

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Five stars!
I LOVE this popcorn popper! I use it on my stovetop mostly, but it works just as well on a wood stove. And I love that it’s stainless steel instead of aluminum. Definitely a good addition to my off-grid kitchen tools! Review by Georgia / (Posted on 11/28/2017)

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