Starling Trap Plans | Repeating Box Trap | S & S Controller

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Starling Trap Plans | Repeating Box Trap | S & S Controller


This repeating starling, sparrow trap is popular in the Amish communities to eradicate European Starlings and House Sparrows from properties.

Several municipal airports are also using this trap to rid sparrows from hangers, walkways, and runways.

The S & S Controller trap was the original, many have copied off of it. The design has been tried and proven for years.

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The S & S Controller is a fake Martin house that will attract starlings away from your functioning Martin houses. The starlings will find one open nest hole and as they enter the nest box it is countered balanced to drop the bird to a lower level. This lower level will have an exit to daylight but as soon as the starling exits, they drop down the PVC pipe to a cage below for ground extraction. No ladder required. The other holes are just painted black circles.

This design is great to use around martin houses with starling resistant holes since it will appear to be easier for the starlings to enter. It is also a humane trap to catch and release desirable birds should they become trapped.
The plan book contains 17 pages with 32 pictures, instructions, material lists, cutting lists, and complete plans to build your own S & S Controller.
You will need to use 6" PVC pipe that will not be readily available at most home centers. Commercial plumbing outlets will carry sizes larger than the typical 4"
The Controller is also effective on sparrows. It is also known as a repeating nest box trap. The Controller is being used in commercial as well as Airports to keep the unwanted bird populations in check.
The estimated time to build takes about 8-10 hours.
Do not have the time to build? No problem, we have the complete house with the PVC pipe. Click Here for more information.

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