The Holy Bible on a single page scroll

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The Holy Bible on a single page scroll


An amazing reproduction of a King James parchment bible scroll displayed on a beautiful handcrafted wooden stand measuring 20” wide x 26” long and 13” high weighing 21.5 lbs.

The Living Word all on one page as it was on ancient scrolls. The entire King James text from “In the beginning” to the last “Amen” in Revelation.

This one-of-a-kind Bible is printed in King James format on 400 feet of a tear-proof, parchment-colored substrate, displayed in finely crafted finger-jointed maple hardwood housing. 

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Truly precious beyond words, the Holy Scriptures are the essence of life, God's very breath. This extraordinary scroll will bring with it a unique user experience and make a special gift that will be cherished for generations.

Thousands of years ago God himself gave us His very words. First, we received them engraved in stone by God’s own finger. Later He spoke through His faithful prophets. Recorded in ancient Hebrew, His words were passed from generation to generation. First on sheepskin and later on papyrus scrolls, Jewish scribes meticulously scripted each word. The first five books of the Bible alone were over 150 feet long, which required the skin of over fifty sheep.

Truly precious beyond words, the Holy Scriptures are the essence of life, God’s very breath. This unusual scroll will bring an inspiring experience to your home, office, or make an extraordinary gift that will be appreciated and prized for many years.

Makes an exceptional pastoral gift, some pastors are using them for Sunday church readings. 

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