Lifetime Electric 6-qt Ice Cream Freezer-Maker

Lifetime Electric 6-qt Ice Cream Freezer-Maker


Expect up to 6-weeks to ship due to the current demand.

Lifetime Electric 6-qt Ice Cream Freezer-Maker is equipped with a leak-free poly insulated tub quality all stainless can, dasher, and hardware. 

Available with the USA-made Amish Country Freezer electric head.

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Benefits of a Lifetime Freezer:

  • Lifetime Guarantee on the tub and hardware
  • No Leaks
  • No Rust
  • No Rotten Wood
  • Heavily Insulated Tub for Longer Serving Time
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

The tub is machine molded from high-density poly materials with an inner Styrofoam insulating core. All the hardware used on the tub is also made of quality stainless steel. An optional insulated poly tub cover is also available. The tub cover is designed with space to cover the dasher top and has ears to latch down into the tub latch.

Lifetime uses an old-fashioned style stainless-steel positive thumb cam tub latch and a stainless-steel tub ear on the opposite side of the tub to secure either the hand crank frame or electric motor frame. Note: some of the pictures with the motor show an older version slide bolt latch that is no longer being used and replaced with the newer cam latch.

Lifetime uses an extra heavy-duty stainless-steel can and clear can lid with a premium stainless-steel dasher on both the 6 and 8-quart freezers. The can have no seam down the sides and it has a welded seamless bottom.

Lifetime has designed an innovative but simple stainless paddle-style dasher. The dasher is cut from a solid sheet of ¼” stainless eliminating the need to have multiple welds. Their efficient paddle design provides a more solid paddle surface eliminating the need for a secondary fixed dasher blade as found in a triple action dasher. The Lifetime dasher is equipped with durable food-grade poly dasher scraper blades.

We like the lifetime dasher design as it has fewer moving parts and is much easier to maintain and ensure sanitation. We also like the flat design making it easier to pull out of the ice cream and slide off the ice cream instead of having to scrape around all the rods and bars.

*Lifetime warranty on all stainless parts and poly tub. Warranties are extended directly by the Lifetime Freezer Company. (Motors, One-Year Warranty)

Note: Some customers have told us that the Country motor is much noisier than their traditional electric motor. This is normal and a reflection of the heavier duty gearbox. The gearbox comes with a grease zerk to add one squirt of a food-grade grease recommended between 10-20 uses with either a grease gun or removing the grease zerk and using a squeeze tube. The heavier the use, such as making several batches in a row vs. making an occasional family batch will dictate the higher frequency of adding grease. The unit will come greased but additional grease is not supplied, many hardware and restaurant supply stores carry food-grade grease.


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