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Wind Compressor | Wind Driven Air Compressor | Alt Energy

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Wind Compressor | Wind Driven Air Compressor | Alt Energy

If you already use compressed air in a shop factory or are looking for alternative wind-powered energy The Wind Compressor may be an alternative energy product to consider.
Compressed air is produced and stored in large air tanks, which, many of the Amish converts used 1000-gal propane tanks. Tanks can also be used in tandem for additional storage capacity. 
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For over 30 years this proven wind-powered air compressor has been manufactured and used by the Amish.  

Two different models are available in 1-1/2 and 5 HP.  
The Wind Compressor will generate compressed air in winds as low as 8 MPH!
A shock absorber prevents an over-speed condition in high winds by allowing the machine to furl. A manual control makes manual shut-off possible. 
The air pressure can be adjusted at the base of the tower. An air pressure switch furls the machine when the desired pressure is reached, preventing an over-pressure condition. 
Since the Amish use off-grid alternative energy, airpower has become a sustainable source to run a woodworking shop and farm power tools. Air-powered kitchen appliances, fans, washing machine motors, and even sewing machine motors are used by the Amish.
These items are all available here on our website.
Air-powered water well pumps are also used to pump well water into a pressurized water tank and then used as in any other home.
The wind-driven air compressor can also aerate your ponds and store air energy for days with no wind.
Air-powered motors provide more torque than a DC battery-powered motor and if taken care of by keeping them oiled and free of condensed water, they likely will outlast both DC and AC motors dependent on an armature and brushes.
Since condensation moisture is the most common problem in compressed air systems, the Wind Compressor has a built-in condenser to automatically drain condensation each time the pressure relief valve activates, or the windmill is manually shut off.
Air dryers should always be used in line between the air storage tank and air-powered equipment.
With their commercial-grade durability of air-powered tools and equipment, factories and auto body shops have used airpower for decades. (Air powered tools and equipment can be much noisier than electric motors)
Depending on the cubic feet per minute (CFMs) the tools and appliances use will determine the size of the compressor and storage capacity that will be needed.

The Wind Compressor will need to be mounted on a substantial tower base that will allow the unit to be serviced annually. The tower base could be an existing water windmill tower, part of an old communications tower, or a 6” pipe tower with a gin pole for tip-over servicing, secured with guy wires.  
Google “Building Wind Turbine Towers” to find information and plans on building towers.
Optional complete pipe tower kits are available which include all the pipes, gin pole, bolted couplings, hinged foundation, guy wires, and other hardware. The pipe is 6” ¼” thick and comes primed ready for you to paint. This tower will run around $3500 plus the truck freight, shipping in 20’ lengths. E-mail us for a price if you are interested in a tower kit.
Consideration of the type of tower to use will depend on what is economically available, the wind speeds in your area, and just how efficient you want the unit to produce.
Providing the annual crankcase oil change will also need to be a consideration of the type of tower to use. An existing windmill tower with a ladder and a solid work platform may be the most ideal, but if your area is not in a good air pattern to produce at least sustained 8 MPH winds, you will need to consider a tower may be as high as 90’ that can be tipped over or safely climbed with a harness to provide the service.
The Wind Compressor is available with hubs that will either fit on a windmill tower or a 6” pipe tower.  The 6” pipe tower hub comes with a hinged pivot to allow the head to swing level at ground level for oil changes that are required annually.
The hub is included in the price, select either hub for your application using the drop-down box below.
Depending on the wind speeds and the height of the tower will determine how many wind power days that the Wind Compressor will produce energy free compressed air. 
Google “how to find wind speeds in my area” for sites that will help you size the tower height and determine the average wind speed for air-powered turbines.
Normally the higher the tower the less turbulence. A tower between 70’ to 90’ located at least 300’ from structures and obstructions that could create turbulence has proven to provide the most efficient operation.
Wind turbulence can slightly shift the directional tail to either side of the direct airflow and reduce some efficiency.
Units can be manufactured with lower gear ratios for areas where wind speeds are typically lower.
As the transition has moved from gas and diesel-powered air compressors over to the Wind Compressor and because the Amish so much air to run their shop tools, some of the Amish do still maintain gas and diesel compressors to supplement compressed air that is not produced in areas during extended calm periods.
Other Amish have hooked several 1000-gal LP tanks in tandem to store enough compressed air to run a woodworking shop tools for most of a day.
If you already have an electric compressor in a shop or factory the Wind Compressor can be used in tandem with pressure switches to allow the electric compressor to kick in when the air pressure drops to a preset point during calm periods.
The Wind Compressor also has automatic override and safety switches to prevent an overpressure situation as well as a manual shut-off switch to turn the compressor off when it is not needed.
The Wind Compressor Energy System comes with the air compressor, condenser tank, a mounting hub for the high strength, lightweight, fiberglass turbine blades, the adjustable air pressure switch, the built-in shock absorber to prevent an over-speed condition in high winds, a manual control shut off switch that is positioned at the bottom of the tower and a mounting flange that allows the wind compressor to be bolted up to the tower. Also included are the pneumatic piston, spring, and cable that work with the manual shut off and the pressure regulator switch.
The blades are manufactured with high strength, lightweight fiberglass. The blades are designed to start in 7 to 8 mph wind speeds which are the minimum required RPMs for the splash oil compressors to remain lubricated.
The price listed above reflects the 1-1/2 HP, as different sizes are selected below using the drop-down boxes, the additional cost will incrementally add to the base price of the 1-1/2 HP model. 
The average delivery time is two weeks in the Continental US. Units are shipped directly from Maine. 
WC 1½ HP 1½ Horsepower Three Blade 11 Foot Rotor Diameter Single Stage Compressor. Will pump up to 7 CFM at 150 PSI.   
WC 5 HP 5 Horsepower Three Blade 16 Foot Rotor Diameter Two Stage Compressor. Will pump up to 15 CFM at 150 PSI.   

Priced F.O.B. from the Amish factory in Maine. We can arrange for you to pick it up or you may select shipping deposit East or West of the Mississippi River for shipping to a commercial access business with a loading dock or forklifts like a feed store or farm equipment dealer.

If the actual shipping is less than the deposit, we will refund that difference. If it is 10% more, we will absorb it.  If it will be greater than 10%, we will contact you for the additional amount.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

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Note: If you plan on making your own pipe tower, please for your safety and of others, realize the amount of pressure that will occur on the pipe joints in raising and lowering the tower. Threaded pipe joints alone will not be sufficient and will need to be reinforced with bolted or welded plates. In building any type of tip over tower the hinged base, gin pole and foundation will also need to be able to withstand the pressure applied when raising and lowering the tower. Generally, the foundation is buried in solid concrete between 3’ deep and up to 4’ deep in loose soils.
Optional winches are also available to use with the pole tower. To give you an idea of the amount of weight, the type of cable, winch or tow vehicle needed to raise and lower the tower. The winch sold for a 70’ tower is rated for 8500 pounds and the winch for the 90’ tower is rated for 12,000 pounds. 
For your safety and others who will be servicing the compressor if, in doubt of the structural integrity of the tower that you plan to use with the Wind Compressor, a mechanical engineer should be consulted. 
Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the wind turbines/air compressors, winches or towers, or any of their parts if they are found to be defective. This warranty is void if the installation was not performed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation procedures. The buyer is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all purchased equipment (wind turbines/air compressors, winches, and towers). Should any person, whether customer, owner, installer, operator or otherwise suffer damage, injury or loss of life from any contact with any of the pre-mentioned equipment, Wind Compressor, LLC, Cottage Craft Works, LLC, its owners or legal representatives are not liable in any way whatsoever.

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